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Thames Water Wastes Water

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Water Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop To Drink

Despite the rain, there have been regular outages of supply in my home.

Sent to Thames Water 3rd July 2007.

"Two weeks ago you cut the water supply off to Tavistock Road, whilst you replaced an old water main.

A few days ago notices were posted, advising us that there was a leak and that on Monday 2 July you would again cut the water off to fix the leak.

Today, 3 July, you have cut the water off without any warning.

I have the following questions:

1 Why did the replacement of the old pipes give rise to a leak?

2 Why did you not complete the work on the 2nd, as you had promised?

3 Why did you cut the water off here without any warning today?

4 Do you think that this is represents good customer service? Here's a clue... I don't!

5 When will the water be back on?

6 What will you do to compensate us for your incompetence?


Ken Frost

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