Thames Water Is Shite


Thames Water Wastes Water

Monday 23 April 2012

Question For Thames Water

About this "drought" and hosepipe ban, really given that it's pissing down and will continue to do so for the coming week?

Saturday 7 April 2012

Thames Water's Obscene Leakage Rates

As hosepipe bans come into force (note, the water companies will not be enforcing these bans) it is worth noting that Thames Water, which serves 8.8 million customers, met its leakage targets over the past six years.

However, its leakage rates account for around 25% of the 2.6 billion litres it supplies a day to customers. In fact the leakage rate is five times higher than the 5% that will be saved by the hosepipe ban.

Thames Water leaks are enough to fill Wembley Stadium every 36 hours.

New Scientist’s environment consultant, Fred Pearce, said:
"Thames Water’s leakage rates are obscene.
Regulators and planning inspectors have been telling them for decades to get their act together – but the company’s efforts are sporadic and sometimes grudging."
Oh, and by the way, Thames Water increased its prices by 6.7% at the end of March.

Could it be possible that its "leakage targets" are not particularly challenging?