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Thames Water Wastes Water

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Thames Water Lifts Hosepipe Ban

Thames Water has lifted its hosepipe ban.

Maybe next year they will have fixed all their leaks, so that a ban will not be necessary?

Friday 8 June 2012

Thames Water Gets Bollocking From Boris

Boris Johnson has quite rightly summoned Thames Water bosses to City Hall, to give them a bollocking for flooding part of the Central Line yesterday.

The London Evening Standard reports that the mayor was “absolutely seething” after contractors broke a 24-inch mains pipe as they tried to fix a leak, leaving 300 passengers stranded underground and bringing 24 hours of chaos to the Central line.
Two million litres of water had to be pumped out of tunnels between Stratford and Mile End, before full services could be restored yesterday.

Mr Johnson, apart from wanting an explanation and assurances that Thames Water won't screw up again, also wants guarantees that Thames Water is “up to speed” in coping with the Olympics.

Good luck with that then!