Thames Water Is Shite


Thames Water Wastes Water

Tuesday 31 July 2007


My old chums at Thames Water have evidently learned a small lesson from their previous interactions with me.

They have very wisely decided to give myself, and my neighbours, a whole two days notice about yet another interruption to our water supplies.

This time we are told that our water will be shut off this Thursday (2nd August) between 08:00 and 14:00. I have lost count as to how many times they have cut us off in the last few weeks.

I will be timing them!

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  1. Yes it's amazing. The same thing happened to me. Some blokes just turned off our water (big apartment block) at 8.30am without any notice. I went out to confront them. When they said they came from Thames Water, I just said, 'that would be right, that is exactly what I would expect from such an incompentent rip-off company'. They said, ooh sorry mate, 'they were just doing what they were told'. So do we have to complain before we get civilized service from this crap rip-off company?