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Saturday 7 April 2012

Thames Water's Obscene Leakage Rates

As hosepipe bans come into force (note, the water companies will not be enforcing these bans) it is worth noting that Thames Water, which serves 8.8 million customers, met its leakage targets over the past six years.

However, its leakage rates account for around 25% of the 2.6 billion litres it supplies a day to customers. In fact the leakage rate is five times higher than the 5% that will be saved by the hosepipe ban.

Thames Water leaks are enough to fill Wembley Stadium every 36 hours.

New Scientist’s environment consultant, Fred Pearce, said:
"Thames Water’s leakage rates are obscene.
Regulators and planning inspectors have been telling them for decades to get their act together – but the company’s efforts are sporadic and sometimes grudging."
Oh, and by the way, Thames Water increased its prices by 6.7% at the end of March.

Could it be possible that its "leakage targets" are not particularly challenging?

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  1. I first reported a significant leak outside my homes on27 Jan 13 when water outside my neighbours was ankle deep and had run down our drives into our garages where our gas and electrics are housed.Called numerous times in the weeks that followed but Thames consistently failed to return calls or provide a coherent response.made the point about hazard posed and risk of structural damage to homes,that had endured low water pressure since 27 Jan 13.Told to fill ouT claim form to apply for discount.
    Wrote to inform Thames we would hold them liable for damage to our properties,yet to receive a response.
    week comm 11 Feb 13,excavations commenced 11 pm one night,8.30pm the next. They abandoned the site with the leak still flowing, telling neighbours they ‘could not find’ the leak and it was ‘just ground water escaping’.
    Here is a snapshot of my commS with Thames over couple of dayS:
    18/2/13:On hold 10 minutes.SpokeStuart.Ref 101078762, said would get a call back by 2pm.No call received.Rang Thames,spoke to Darrell,ref 1010785546.No information given as to why work had not been carried out. 5.26pm: message received that work would start ‘first thing in morning’.
    19/2/13: No work started.Rang Thames,on hold, spoke Simon. Unable to provide information.Rang later,spoke Nicole.Told some one would call back. No one called.
    20 /2/13:Called Thames,on hold,spoke Gulalai. promised 24hr call back ref 1010790887.Assured some one would attend in 4 hours– ref 1010790828.Work order ref 30199670.No one called back.
    21/2/13. Rang Thames.Spoke Jackie,asked for manager. Told no one available.Rang Thames.Spoke to Simon, could not provide any explanations. Asked for manager,told ‘I can’t just pull over a manager’.Said manager would call me in few hours.No one called back.
    In stark contrast, following calls to Lambeth council 21 Feb 13,manager came out within hours to inspect site,called me back to inform contractors on site and work would commence imminently.This did not happen.Told by contractor Thames had omitted to apply for permit to switch off water,thus work could not commence.
    22 Feb 13 had numerous conversations with managers at Lambeth who did best to galvanise Thames into action,assuring us work would commence in the afternoon ‘during daylight hours.Lambeth advised Thames not to work beyond 9pm as bedrooms face road. work commenced 9pm,22 Feb 13 and continued into night,generating noise till 11pm.
    Councillor Judith Best come out to inspect site on same night.Why is it that a councillor can respond within hours(after a single call);that Lambeth can respond within hours(after a single call),while Thames remains in a vegetative state?
    This service failure is by not an isolated incident.In 2011,I requested a water meter, which Thames connected to neighbour’s pipe and billed me for.Refused to believe there was a fault,instead telling me I must have a leak should apply for leak allowance via a ridiculous form filling process.
    Cannot bear to re-hash entire story here,took from end 2011-Aug 12 for Thames to resolve. Affected neighbours too,as Thames placed 2 meters on their supply and none on mine!
    I cannot drink or cook with my tap water, since Thames fluoridates my water supply and fluoride is contra-indicated with a chronic disease from which i suffer.